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  Welcome to Industry Division

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  Xiandeng(XDM) is Asia's greatest supplier of industrial fasteners. We are obviously pleased with our item extend, which incorporates more than 80,000 fasteners. Be that as it may we are much more pleased with the way that each and every one of them satisfies a paramount capacity. Our most modest screws guarantee that the circuit board in your cell telephone stays set up, while our biggest fasteners hold oil fixes together. Our items have held the present day world together for nearly 1000 years– everything from white products to wind turbines. Since the organization was established in 1928, we have just supplied secure, sturdy fasteners – fasteners you can depend on. We accept this is the reason we are currently Asia's greatest supplier of industrial fastening innovation.

  Your Business partner

  Xiandeng(XDM) is an organization with an energizing past and a guaranteeing future. We manufacture not just on the experience we have reaped since 1928, however on robust values and clear vision also. That is the reason today we are a business accomplice that ensures its clients quality, wellbeing and dynamism. Lately we have worked seriously to streamline the organization and plan what portrays us as an organization and what we can accumulate to the business sector what's to come. That is the reason Xiandeng today has an amazingly clear profile and an association in which you pick up skilled fighting and backing for your wishes and requests at all levels .

  Business Concept

  Xiandeng(XDM) is doing business in the local China and global market, we manufacture quality products and distribute it thought an efficient supply chain base on the reliable processes. With professional experience and technical skill staffs, we quote innovative fasteners solutions that create value for our customers.

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